• Mr. Freddy Tay


    Specialist In Math, English, Gen Sci, Biology

    It isn’t about the program or the wealth of the school that makes a real difference in a child’s life. It is in fact, being able to reach out the heart of the child before they open their mind to what you have to offer. It’s all about making links. A Passionate Teacher “Takes a Hand, Opens a Mind and Touches a Heart”.

    Majority of our tutors are the centre’s full-time permanent staff. They are carefully selected not only for their academic knowledge, but more importantly, their passion to teach and their ability to impart knowledge.

  • Mrs. Tay


    Specialist In Chinese

    看到学生们上课时,因为有趣而大笑,因为感动而哭,因为开始对华文感兴趣而认真学习,是我最大的动力。我和整个团队对待每一位学生的座右铭是 以真心对待, 不轻易放弃。

  • Ms. Carolle Quek

    Branch Partner

    Specialist In JC H2 Math, A Math

    As a Mathematics Tutor, my goal is always to help the student do well for Math in the long run, not just to clear the coming exam. Using methods tried and tested over 15 years, my students definitely get a better understanding and eventually gain interest and confidence in the subject. I am very tenacious so that means I will never give up on a student!

    My abundant positive energy is contagious (That means students find me very approachable and they enjoyed my lessons!) My dedication is unquestionable. (Testified by many of my students who benefited from my extra consultation time)

  • Ms. Chan

    Specialist in Pri Sch – Math & Science

    Mathematics may be seen as a challenging subject for many students. As a tutor, I strive to work hard along with my students so that they can have a better understanding of the concepts in the syllabus and promote an interest in Mathematics at the same time.

  • Ms Yap

    Specialist In Pri Sch - Math & Science

    Science is a subject deemed to be boring to most of the students. For me, I will use mind maps, videos and doing experiments during the class to help the student have a feel of what the content is about. In this way, it actually encourage interactions between the student and the teacher, such as asking more questions or to validate their point of understanding on the topic.

    With that, it motivates the student to conquer the questions and thus, building their confidence in the subject. I am a patient and committed tutor; I strongly believe that with the right learning attitude, every student will be able to achieve their target.

  • Ms Wimi

    Specialist in Pri Sch – English & Compo Writing

    Young & energetic, caring & passionate, patient & friendly.

    Lesson always fun and interesting, well-liked by children.

  • Ms Manpreet


    Specialist in Upper Sec – Physics & Chemistry

    It’s a beauty to take guardianship of a young mind and molds it into someone much fuller with knowledge. I have the patience & determination to guide students in achieving their goals.

    Alongside building rapport with my students, I ensure each student completes my given class work and homework, as well as be attentive in lessons.

  • Mr. K.S Tan

    Specialist in JC H2 Physics

    NIE Trained & current school lecturer with more than 15 years of experience.  Mr Tan is very approachable and is very strong in spotting exam questions and trends.

  • Mr BM Tay

    Specialist in JC H2 Math, Sec A Math

    More than 15 years of experience, very clear in explanation,

    well-liked by students.

  • Mr Joseph


    Specialist in JC GP (General Paper)

    More than 20 years of experience, his three strengths are as follows:
    1. He displays strong and good grasp of the subjects he is teaching.
    2. He always teach in a lively manner.
    3. He is approachable to his students.